Reiki 3 (Master Level) in Lleida

01 Septiembre 2018 10:00 - 02 Septiembre 2018 14:00

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Centro Ananda, Lleida

Reiki 3 (Master Level) in Lleida
Reiki 3 Course (Master level) in Lleida

The Reiki 3 course (Shinpiden) is the conclusion of the training transmitted from teacher to student. The person having this training will receive the knowledge to start teaching Reiki to others. 

The method of Reiki consists in five main elements, five practices:

1. Meiso Gassho (Gassho Meditation)
2. Gokai (The five principles)
3. Self-treatment
4. Reiju (Initiation)
5. Techniques

The teachings of Reiki are divided into 3 degrees known as 'Reiki levels' in the West. These degrees are called shoden, okuden and shinpiden in Japanese. The last degree can be divided into two more levels.

During this  Reiki 3 course in Lleida, we will review and practice the techniques learned in the Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 courses. Then, you will receive, learn and practice Reiju (Initiation). The training will be completed by learning new Reiki techniques.

Reiju (Initiation)
Special techniques of Reiki
Dai Ko Myo
Individual and group Reiki practice
Japanese techniques of Reiki:
- Kenyoku-ho (dry bath)
- Hanshin Koketsu-ho (treatment of half of the body to purify the blood)
- Jacki Kiri Joka ho (transform negative energy)
- Joshin Kokyu-ho (breathing technique to purify the spirit)
- Heso Chiryo (navel technique)
- Shuchu Reiki (Reiki group technique)
- Hatsurei-ho (practice to increase the the ability to transmit Reiki)
- Reiji-ho (Reiki indication)
- Gedoku-ho (detoxification techniques)
- Mawashi Reiki (Reiki current)
- Byosen 
Reiki 1, 2 and 3 booklets

Ananda Yoga, C/ Torres de Sanui, 1 (Lleida)

Saturday, September 1st from 10am to 2pm and from 4pm to 8pm
Sunday, September 2nd  from 10am to 2pm

Price: €700
Former Students: €100

Language: Spanish

Registration: / t. +34 692046404 (Jordi)

Centro Ananda

Carrer de les Torres de Sanui, 1, 25006 Lérida, Lleida, España
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