Reiki Cultural Experience in Japan

24 October 2019 10:00 - 02 November 2019 16:00

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Tono, Iwate

Reiki Cultural Experience in Japan
Tono (Iwate), 24.10 – 02.11. 2019

We have organized the “Reiki Cultural Experience to Japan” in Tono, a small jewel still preserved from the chaos of major touristic destinations. The retreat has been thoughtfully planned to give to the Reiki practitioners and lovers a life time experience.

We will hold Reiki classes and meditation for 3 hours daily in an astonishing traditional Japanese location; we will immerse in the Japanese culture and folklore in one of the few places that still keeps these traditions alive. We will celebrate the Tea Ceremony, discover the legends of the Gods of the mountains, visit shrines, practice Kagura Dance, share our time and thoughts with local artisans and shop owners, enjoy the beauty of the kouyou (leaves changing color) season and even help local farmers with rice harvesting…

Once in Tono, you will finally understand what Reiki is.


Day 0
Departure form own home country

Day 1 - 24TH OCT (THU)
Arrival in Tokyo (Narita or Haneda International airport)
Purchase of JR EAST PASS
Transfer to downtown Tokyo
Free time
Overnight in Tokyo (Nippori or Ueno area. Hotel to be confirmed)

Day 2 - 25TH OCT (FRI)
6.30h Breakfast and transfer to UENO STATION
8.54h Shinkansen (bullet train) to SHINHANAMAKI/TONO
13.05h Arrival in Tono
Lunch at Soba Restaurant ITOKE
15.00h Guided visit of Tono’s MUNICIPAL MUSEUM (focus on Tono’s Spirits and Spirituality)
19.00h Welcome dinner at Washoku restaurant ABEYA with members of the community
Overnight stay at B&B KURANOYA

Day 3 - 26TH OCT (SAT)
7.00h Breakfast at B&B KURANOYA
8.00h Transfer to Takashimizu Mountain for panoramic view of Tono
9.30-12.30h Reiki class at GODONOSATOYAMA
Traditional lunch prepared by the AOZASA community
Guided visit of GODONOSATOYAMA complex
Tea ceremony by Master Eiko Kikuchi
17.00h Guided visit of Tono’s city center and talk with shop owners
19.00h Dinner at IZAKAYA DEN
Overnight stay at B&B KURANOYA

Day 4 - 27TH OCT (SUN)
7.30h Breakfast at B&B KURANOYA
9.00-12.00h Reiki class at GODONOSATOYAMA
12.30h Lunch at DENSHOEN
14.00h “THE LEGENDS OF TONO AND THE GODS OF THE MOUNTAINS” fieldwork by “to know”
18.00h Dinner with the KOMEDORI Village Community
Overnight stay at B&B KURANOYA

Day 5 - 28TH OCT (MON)
7.30h Breakfast at B&B KURANOYA
9.30-12.30h Reiki class at HAYACHINE NATURE SCHOOL
Lunch in the canteen of the former TSUKIMOUSHI Primary School
Visit of HAYACHINE SHRINE, walk around Hayachine Mountain
16.00h Transfer to AGRITURISMO OOMORI
Co-preparation of traditional local food & dinner
Overnight stay at B&B KURANOYA

Day 6 - 29TH OCT (TUE)
7.30h Breakfast at B&B KURANOYA
9.30-12.30h Reiki class at GODONOSATOYAMA
Traditional lunch prepared by the AOZASA community
14.00h Transfer to Miyamori
Visit of ceramic atelier YAKUSHIGAMA and hearing of artist KAZUYOSHI
18.00h Dinner
Overnight stay at B&B KURANOYA

Day 7 - 30TH OCT (WED)
7.30h Breakfast at B&B KURANOYA & check-out
9.30-12.30h Reiki class at GODONOSATOYAMA
Traditional lunch prepared by the AOZASA community
15.00h Transfer to Kamigo, check-in at SOZUKURITEI
Free time (cycling or walking around the area)
Co-cooking and dinner with Kikukosan

Day 8 - 31ST OCT (THU)
7.30H Breakfast at SOZUKURITEI
9.30-12.30h Reiki class at GODONOSATOYAMA or ROKKOSHI shrine
Obentou style lunch
14.00h Transfer to Souzounotei, preparation of Chinese medicine based herb teas
Co-cooking and dinner
20.00h KAGURA DANCE training class

Day 9 - 1ST NOV (FRI)
7.30H Breakfast at SOZUKURITEI
9.30-12.30h Reiki class at GODONOSATOYAMA
Traditional lunch prepared by the AOZASA community
Tea ceremony by Master Eiko Kikuchi
14.30h Rice harvesting with Youtarousan
18.30h Farewell dinner at YO
Overnight stay at YO

Day 10 - MON 02ND NOV 2019
7.30H Breakfast at YO
9.15H Departure by train to Tokyo
End of the Reiki Cultural Experience in Japan 2019

The cost of participating in the “Reiki Cultural Experience in Japan 2019” is 3.000€ per participant. The participation fee includes:
- Transport from-to Tokyo/Tono (by bullet train & local train)
- Transport in Tono
- 8 nights’ accommodation in Tono (all in shared room)
- Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners in Tono (8 days)
- Guided visits and Workshops
- 2 Tea ceremonies
- Coordination and interpretation support
- 3 hours a day x 6 days Reiki and Meditation
- Reiki 1 and 2 courses and practices

The participation fee does not include:
- Return flight from-to country of origin
- Night accommodation and possible meals in Tokyo.
- Drinks (however it is advised NOT to drink alcohol during the trip)
- Any personal expenses or anything not specifically included in the program.

* The participation fee is calculated on a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 10 participants and it is subject to adjustments due to possible fluctuations in the Yen/Euro exchange rate or to limited participation.

To guarantee your place, we kindly request you to pay a registration deposit of 280€ by June 15th 2019. The remaining amount must be paid no later than September 1st 2019.

Cancellation Policy
This is a tailor made cultural experience, especially designed for Reiki lovers, in a unique setting. Since this program is not a commercial activity of a travel agency, we are unable to cover last minute cancellations. Therefore, the strict cancellation policy below applies to all participants:
- Registration deposits (300€) are non-refundable after June 30th 2019
- Cancellations made before September 30th 2019: a refund of the 50% of the participation fee (exclusive of the registration fee or any bank charges)
- Cancellations after September 30th 2019: will incur in a 100% charge of the participation fee.
We highly appreciate your understanding and collaboration on this matter.

Insurance and VISA
Participants are requested to contract a travel insurance before their arrival in Japan. Non EU citizens are responsible for obtaining a proper TOURIST VISA valid for Japan.

Additional Information
- This is a draft program subject to changes. The final program will be confirmed at the latest two weeks prior to departure.
- Visits have been specifically chosen because of their relationship with the Japanese Culture and lifestyle that existed when Usui Sensei founded the Reiki Method. We might have to change/switch days or activities depending on the weather.
- Visits have been planned to be able to enjoy each place with plenty of time.
- To maintain a consistent attitude with the Reiki course and the sacred places we will visit, we strongly recommend not to drink alcohol or to make excesses during the whole trip.
- Although not essential, I recommend the group to always be together, so we can share every moment and every experience in this unique journey.
- Teachings and explanations will be done in English and Spanish since not all the classmates speak a common language. We would appreciate your understanding of the small inconveniences that a bilingual class may have.
- Rooms are shared, double or triple, Japanese style (futon mattress on tatami mats).
- Breakfasts, lunches and dinners, included in the price of the trip, will be in different places and restaurants. If you have any food intolerance or are on a specific diet, please let us know in advance.
- In Japan it is normal to use cash. Especially in the countryside payments by credit cards are rarely accepted. If you wish to do some shopping, please do not forget to bring cash. Once in Japan, you can withdraw money with major international credit cards at designated convenience stores.

Reiki is a Japanese Spiritual Practice developed in the early twentieth century in Japan.

Its aim is to maintain or restore balance and to provide spiritual wellbeing. With Shinto, Taoist and Buddhist roots, it is based on the transmission of Ki (vital energy) through the hands and meditation.

The history of Reiki starts with a Japanese Buddhist monk named Usui Mikao (Usui Sensei). He lived all his life in Japan seeking for spiritual realization. He was a great admirer of the work of Emperor Meiji, and even if he was a Buddhist, he was greatly influenced by Shinto.

Reiki has become very popular in the US and Europe, mainly because Reiki is a discipline that can be practiced by anyone and does not require or endorse any particular religious belief. However, in order to have a deeper –and real– comprehension of Reiki, it is important to know the historical and social context in which it was born. This is why, since 2015, we organize annual retreats to Japan directed to anyone sincerely interested in learning more about the origins of this discipline.

Tono is a lovely town located about 500 Km North East from Tokyo and connected by bullet trains and direct national and international flights to nearby Hanamaki Airport. It has four clearly defined seasons which create a varied landscape and allow guests to enjoy very different experiences throughout the year.

Tono is acknowledged as the cradle of Japanese folktales, stories orally transmitted for centuries until they were collected and edited by the father of Japanese ethnology Kunio Yanagita under the title of “Legends of Tono” (1910). From the special atmosphere that pervades this town and the stories about tricky spirits, wise Gods and smart human beings that the city inhabitants will be happy to tell you, you will feel right away how unique this place is.

With a population of just twenty-eight thousand inhabitants, Tono counts nevertheless on over 50 local performing groups, specialised in shishiodori, kagura, sansa or nanbubayashi folk ritual dances, some of them acknowledged as UNESCO’s intangible world heritage.

Gastronomy in Tono is also something especial. Tono’s cuisine won’t disappoint even the most demanding of foodies!

Above all, meeting Tono’s people is a good enough reason to visit. Whether they were born here, moved back after few years spent elsewhere, or moved in from Tokyo or from abroad, Tono’s inhabitants love their town. Their open mindedness, friendly and welcoming attitude will make you feel at home!

This project is organized and directed by Jordi Ibern, designed and coordinated locally by Renata Piazza, with the support of NPO Tono Natural Life Network.

Reiki Teacher & Organizer – Jordi Ibern
Jordi discovered Reiki in 2002, meditation little after. Guided by the impulse to know more about it, he took Reiki courses in different schools:Traditional Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Tibetan Reiki, Jikiden Reiki and Reiki Ryoho. He learned Traditional Chinese Medicine in Prague, and he met the venerable Thich Nhat Hanh in Plum Village (France), where he discovered Mindfulness meditation. He also took Qigong and meditation trainings in Spain.

Jordi works as a Reiki and meditation teacher, and therapist since 2004. He lives in Barcelona (Spain) where he, together with Júlia Ruiz –also a Reiki teacher-, has a Reiki & Meditation School. He also gives courses and retreats in other cities and countries: Italy, Finland, France, The Netherlands, Morocco and Lebanon. And he also collaborates with some great Yoga teachers: Jose de Groot (The Netherlands) and Yasmine Sinno (Italy).

After his first trip to Japan, he fell madly in love with the culture where Reiki was born. Since then, he has been organizing an annual trip to Japan to teach the master Reiki course and to show the deepest understandings of Reiki. His teachings and motivation are simple: practice Reiki and meditation regularly to have a better, healthier and deeper life.

+34 692 046 404

Program Designer and Local Coordinator –Renata Piazza
Born in Sicily, BA in Japanese Culture, MSc in Politics of Asia, after working for Japanese companies in London and the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Barcelona, in 2013 Renata founded the Association Hasekura Program, a platform for the exchange of ideas and information among likeminded Japanese and European experts and entrepreneurs involved in projects of social innovation and environmental sustainability.

SInce 2016 Renata lives in Tono where she collaborates with the NPO Tono Natural Life Network for the promotion of responsible and rural tourism: ( She is also founding member and advisor of the cultural and citizen empowerment platform to know (

In the past seven years Renata has gained a reputation as an organizer of specialized fieldworks, exhibitions, workshops, internships and other tailor-made programs on topics such as gastronomy, architecture, art crafts and design, both in Japan and Europe.

+34 692046404

Register Places left: 10    |    Cost: 3000 EUR
Reiki courses    |    Tono, Iwate

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